I help real estate and digital marketers drive leads with content marketing

Hey, real estate marketer, does this sound like you?

Writing content sucks. But I know the competition is tough. I want to appear in search engines and get the edge in my market. But it’s hard to go in-depth and really treat needs in a way that fires up my brand reputation and pushes me up to the top in Google ranking for a top market keyword.

Ranking at the top of Google for one keyword, I can imagine how much consistent traffic and leads I’ll get for a long time without spending a cent. Yet, I don’t want to sound like a robot repeating full sentences just to slot in keywords and sounding incoherent. I want to write in a consistent, recognizable voice as I build authority with the best quality, actionable content pieces.

It’s right to feel this way if you want to get maximum value from your blog. See Why!

I won’t waste your time with another long pitch about why content is king. But show you how to get results with content marketing – results that last a long time. Ready to fill your real estate leads pipeline through the right content? Then hire me by clicking the button below. I research and write value-packed SEO-optimized real estate long form content in your voice.

Let's Create Top of the Line Content

The Right Research & Outreach Tools

Want to create real engagement through content? You’ve come to the right place. From the tools to research ideas that command attention to content mapping and influencer research tools, I’ll dig in and help you get the edge.

Impactful SEO, Impactful Content

I’ve 8 years experience in both inbound and outbound SEO. But not just SEO techniques for cheap hooey gains. I’ll take the right road and write content that rank on search engines five to ten years from now

Content Strategy Help

Are you just producing content – as much as possible? Or exploring potential customer needs indepthly? You know you need to find a balance. I will help you create or adjust a content strategy that solidifies your position as an authority and attracts new leads to your business.

Writer For


EBooks & Reports

Ebooks and reports have always worked and can still help shoot your website conversions through the roof. Oh! But it takes a lot of time. Don’t fret. I’ll handle it. You know you have to offer something of immense value. I know how to dig up finger lickin’ good ideas that your prospects won’t want to miss.

Long Form Articles

Long form content will build trust in your brand and help you dominate your competition in the SERPs. The point with long form content isn’t to deliver a number of words but to create a resource that your audience will find so valuable that they’ll bookmark and share. If you’re ready to take the plunge and get outstanding results with content marketing, let’s work together.


A survey by Curata showed that 79% of B2B prospects will share a white paper with colleagues. And what’s more? You don’t need to be a B2B tech company to leverage the power of a well-researched white paper. Ready to become the go-to person for new, real life, super useful information for your target market?

Email Series

Stop the email feeding frenzy! Why not send your prospects stuff that matter to them? It doesn’t need to be extravagant. A value packed email series will help you build trust and authority with prospects within a short time.