Create Your Best Twitter Content Within 2 Hours (21 Actionable Ideas)

I was searching for a direction for this post and I didn’t want to make it about the 21 things to post on Twitter or some other generic garbage. So I decided to cover the strategies you could instantly use to create high engagement on Twitter without click-bait or spammy tactics:

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  • Go to your Twitter Analytics: Want to refire your Twitter marketing, this is the best place to start. Odds are there are some posts from your blog that already saw a lot of traction. Twitter has one of the most basic analytics. You don’t need to navigate much to find what you’re looking for. What you’re looking for are posts that have performed well for you in the past. You might change up some things, then reschedule this posts. Easy as pie because you don’t need to spend the bulk of your time designing images all the time. There are tons of realistic stock images online if you search using a tool like Unsplash.

    Okay, here is my analytics dashboard. You’ll find yours by going to

My Twitter Analytics Overview


Under the top tweets section, you would find your best tweets.

Click through to see how people interacted with these tweets. Edit and recycle. This is great if you’re on a tight schedule. Beats leaving your Twitter feed bare.


  • Share your best posts and split test: You want to give it your best shot. Because no one will give a hoot otherwise. I believe its wiser to share different versions of great content than sharing all your content. So which of your content has the most views? You can get a snapshot from Google analytics – Behavior.

    Track your shares with Buzzsumo or SharedCount.

    On Buzzsumo, enter your domain name and you’ll get a list of your best content by shares and dates. For example, if I searched for “”, here are some of the best articles.

    Then create about 10-20 different snippets from each of your best content and share. You want to space your shares carefully mixing with contextual content from other sources or from your blog.

    With Sharedcount, you want to enter or upload your blog post URLs to get engagement details on each of your posts.

    Average click through for Twitter is 1.64%. That is, out of every 100 impressions, only 1 or 2 people will click through. So, focusing only on impressions or quantity isn’t an effective Twitter strategy. The goal is to ensure folks who didn’t click through the first time, do the fifth time they see it

  • Copy tweets from folks who drive engagement consistently: If I am in real estate, it’s a no-brainer that I follow Ryan Serhant.

    Sure, about 50% of my tweets are about what I do: real estate/digital marketing content. That however doesn’t mean people find them engaging.

    One good idea to try is: instead of fuming at the number of likes the fun guy gets while you get none, just copy their post, attribute them via mention(s).

    Of course, you want to make sure these people are in your niche.

    That settled, this can be a subtle way to get the attention of influencers, create value and drive engagement all at the same time.

  • Design nice images with consistent brand color codes:

    Yes, not many people do this. We want to get stuff out there and go on with our day. Actually, no one should have to spend a day designing images for Twitter. Well, unless you’re making money from it. Attention spans are around 6% and people do not care that much. However, the point of colors is to create familiarity. Remember the familiarity principle? Its a subtle way to create engagement with your posts and the good news is, you can achieve this easily with Canva Pro for just $12.95/month.

    canva pro for twitter

    You’ll be able to set color palettes for your brand, create branded design templates and resize images in one-click.

  • Share viral content: Again, this ties to leveraging successful “free” content to create brand awareness. If its viral, it has great tendency to be shared. Plus someone already did the work. So, its a no-brainer. Share the post and add a nice little caption. Its not going to go viral, but it’s going to create engagemet. Postplanner has a tool that gives content 1-5 share rating based on virality. 5-rating being an actual viral content.

    Social media Low-cost Social Media Marketing App for content curation scheduling

  • Add the best hashtags: When it comes to hashtags, the point is using the best hashtags. It’s not clustering as many hashtags as possible in every tweet. In fact, Twitter recommends just two hashtags per tweet. So, you want to give it your best shot. How do you find the best hashtags within minutes?

    Visit and search for a theme or keyword.

Hashtags for digitalmarketing on Instagram Twitter Facebook Tumblr best-hashtags com


Visit and fill in the suggested hashtags from A recent popularity above 50% and a week trend at 5% would work.

smallbusiness Popularity Trend Related Hashtags Hashtagify

You could follow the same process for related tweets too.


  • Set up social listening: Some of the most engaging pieces of tweets you’ll create are responses to mentions of yourself or your brand. Nothing says “I pay attention” better. And people love it. Social listening is a basic and probably the most important part of any social media strategy. Use Mention to track and respond to any mention of your name or brand.

    You want to be able to respond to posts that quoted or referenced you, whether you were tagged or not.

  • Monitor engaging conversations in your niche: Don’t just track conversations about your brand, track interesting conversations going on in your niche and join them. It’s a subtle way to get noticed. How do you find these? Use Twitter’s Advanced Search tool.

    You want to search out a list of relevant Twitter chats in your niche using Tweetreports.

    Now Go to Twitter’s advanced search tool and see the latest conversations around the hashtag, filtering by date. You could also filter by other criteria like usernames, mentions, engagement.

    Make interesting contributions and ultimately you’ll build your following. Twitter chats are a great way to build a relevant, organic Twitter following

  • Create a fun bio: Okay, let’s talk about your profile. The first thing I notice whenever I want to follow people is their bio. I bet you do that too. Your Twitter bio will either attract or repel. Whenever you want to write your bio, don’t copy the obvious.  Be Real.

  • Create a threaded tweetstorm: You’ve probably seen threads that seem like a conversation with oneself on Twitter. With threads, you can create tweetstorms within minutes.

    However, you want to ensure your tweetstorm is based either on something you’re an expert on or a topic that you’re very passionate about. You want to open with a story and create a flow of ideas or aphorisms from there.

  • Use the BCCT plugin: If you have engaging enough content, it should be easy enough to share. Imagine 50 micro influencers with an engaged audience sharing a pull quote from your blog. It’s leveraging your visitors to bring in more traffic. However, ensure you choose pull quotes that can actually engage and move visitors to share. Put in hashtags and make your tweets shareable just like this.

    Lilach Bullock blog post twitter engagement

    Better Click to Tweet (BCTT) is the most popular and intuitive plugin for placing click to tweet snippets on your post. All you’ll need to do is wrap the Better Click to Tweet shortcode around the text you want to call out.

  • Answer a popular question in a video: Video is the most engaging content format. Yes, we have heard that a zillion times. However, here’s what fails to be said. Engagement depends on context. In fact, on Twitter, Images tend to get 128% more retweets than videos. Will your video content keep people engaged? When selecting a topic, ensure its something most folks want to know about or something that drives an emotional response.

  • Promote tweets that work: Okay. Now you have a couple of engaging tweets. Consider promotion to engage more people and drive more eyeballs to your profile and your website. Since these tweets are already tested and trusted to engage your target audience, they are more likely to deliver the results you need.

    Tweet Activity analytics for AlanaGaddis

  • Engage followers with interesting polls: To gain real behind the scenes information from folks in your niche, create a poll. It shows people you care about their opinions and you’re not just about scheduling and dishing out tweets like a night owl. Its a win-win. Twitter will display a poll chart based on responses to your poll. The good thing about polls is that responders will only be able to view the chart once they have made a selection. Hence, Twitter poll might be a nice little way of forcing folks that would rather just pass by to engage with your tweet. All you need to do is make your poll question sound interesting enough.

dunkin donuts Twitter poll


  • Host a Twitter Chat: Notice specific branded hashtags that keep recurring? There might be a conversation going on. You could research these topics, create an hashtag and host a Twitter chat. This means you can get your name heard while having conversations with other experts in your niche instantly. Unlike DMs or Twitter mentions, Twitter chats allow you to communicate with brand micro-influencers at scale. And once you get the hang of it, you can make it a routine thing. When done right, this will help raise brand perception. Sounds complex?

    Read this Twitter chats guide by Kari De Phillips of TheContentFactory. Add your chat details on Twitter chat listing websites like Tweetreports.

  • Pin a tweet with a catchy image: Have an attractive mini-infographic? You should definitely pin it. A great image will boost Twitter retweets by up to 150%, according to Buffer.  This means you can exponentially increase engagement with a catchy mini-infographic.

  • Use emoticons to gain more likes: 

    Larry Kim on Twitter

    Halle Klingman of Coschedule says “Instead of having a plain block of text, consider breaking up the text with an emoticon. Emoticons show a certain element of playfulness that provides your brand with a bit of personality. In fact, statistics show that using emoticons will boost the share and comment rate of your posts, and can help increase favorites by as much as 57%“.


  •  Reach out to Influencers directly: You probably already have followers with hundreds of thousands of followers. If they are in your niche and you ask nicely, they could put in a good word about your business. Neil Patel suggests:

    “First, look at influencers that you’ve already been interacting with. Maybe they’ve liked a few of your tweets, or maybe you’ve responded to some of theirs.

    Look at their profiles.

    Do their posts align with your brand message? How many followers do they have?

    If they seem like a good fit, send them a DM asking to promote your company in a tweet.

    Another option is to use a tool like Klout to find new influencers you don’t know about yet.”

  • Stop tweeting what you had for dinner (unless you’re a celeb): How your day is going or what you’re eating for dinner would interest people on Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr, not on Twitter or LinkedIn. Well unless you’re a widely famous person, just eat dinner in peace.

    Twitter dinner

  • Tweet listicles: Numbers are naturally engaging.

    “When you use a number in a headline, whether it’s in a blog post, an email subject header, an ad or even in a face-to-face conversation*, you immediately hook the other person’s interest. Numbers reach directly into our unconscious and say, “this message is important.”Sonia Simone

    While you should tweet other types of content, you want to schedule more listicle posts.

  • Ask for Retweets (and give a reason): Another great way to leverage your following when you build a mildly engaged following is to ask for retweets. Sure enough most people would ignore you. But here’s the trick to making an ask: compel with a reason. For example, if I asked you to share this post on Twitter because it would make my day. Not a compelling reason but I hope it works.

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