7 Smart Real Estate Door Hanger Ideas to Increase your Reach

While hinging your real estate career solely upon door hangers and flyers might not be a smart move in this day and age. Don’t throw the idea away just yet.

The fact is: people trust print. Your prospect can touch and feel your marketing effort. It’s more alive than texts and images on a screen. This is why a large number of agents depend largely on printed ads. It has always been a great tool in the hand of old-school, hard-headed real estate marketers. And who knows? Your prospect, looking to sell, might just stumble upon your hanger any time in the future and give you a call.


But, considering what goes on in the mind of the prospect may be nice: She comes back from work, mutters to herself “I don’t like seeing these ads on my door.” (Takes a quick glance at it and throws it in the thrash). Money and time wasted. It’s not always the case though as a few people would keep your print ad. 

Broadly speaking, real estate print marketing generate an average response rate ranging from 1 to 3 percent. That might be considered low, considering the effort. It means for each 100 door hanger, one to three people would likely call or message back.

So obviously you might not always get positive ROI with print marketing as production costs adds up. This means you need to come up with an effective distribution strategy. How do you make your door hangers stick out, improve your door hanger conversions and adequately catch your prospect’s attention? Check out these real estate print distribution ideas.

You might not always get positive ROI with door hangers as the cost of print adds up. This means you need to come up with an effective door hanger distribution strategy Click To Tweet

  • Outsource distribution.

It’s hard to reach your community effectively when you’re a one-man band. Take advantage of nationwide or local distribution companies. Some of these have different outreach plans to cover your area. You can even track your campaigns with GPS to see your reach in real time. The great thing about outsourcing door to door hangers or flyer distribution is that you reach more people with much less effort. And they don’t cost an arm and leg.


  • Communicate with prospects.

A door hanger is a potential conversation starter. It’s a way to make a connection with your prospect. You want to leverage this. Wherever you have the opportunity to chat, discuss with your prospect without selling them. Most people are wary of salesmen/women.


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You should try to make a personal touch with your prospect. Being a resourceful member of your community would also work in your favor. So, be an active member of a local charity, team, association or club.


  • Retarget.

Again the familiarity principle. The more your face or name pops up, the better the connection you make with prospects. Here’s an idea to implement this: Insert your flyer or other marketing material in a free local publication going out to schools, businesses or other institutions.


Publications are always looking for people to buy advertisement spaces. You can reach out to them and have them offer you a deal. This means potential buyers or sellers in your area will receive your ads in different formats. In this way, you create more local awareness for your brand. Another idea is to make your printed material complement your digital ads. Make your logo and face conspicuous and use the same color scheme to create a familiar impression.


  • Make it attractive.

Impeccable design speaks well about your brand. People love and would keep creatively designed paraphernalia. You should hire experts to create attractive designs. Images and graphics should be placed strategically. Use the right colors. It’s a wise idea to use the same color codes for your branding i.e your website, logo, print materials… This way, your brand can be easily recognized. And make your fonts legible and attractive, using white-space to your advantage.



  • Respect their time.

Most people are busy. They probably have a lot of stuff going on in their minds and in their lives already. They don’t need to listen to your hour-long sales pitch. Don’t do it. You want to present valuable bits of information in your door hanger without cramming in too much details. Just the right amount to provoke interest.

People are busy. They probably have a lot of stuff going on in their minds and in their lives already. They don't need to listen to your hour-long sales pitch. Don't do it. Click To Tweet

And if you get the chance to communicate with them, be fun. And make your introductions brief. The fact that you respect a prospect’s time will help you make a good impression.


  • Target the right people.

Increased ROI on your door hangers will depend on your ability to market to the right people. Those who will be most interested in your service. Describe your ideal buyer by age, net worth, relationship status, education…, then reach out to them.

This would take some research time and guesswork but it’d mean better ROI. You don’t want to waste marketing spend. Hence you need to distribute your door hangers to neighborhoods and houses that will potentially be responsive to your message.


  • Follow Up.

Repetition works in marketing. The more we hear or see stuff, the better our recall. You should have a plan for following up with prospects. Your door hanger already provides material for conversation. Try to reach out to these homes and introduce yourself.


Door to door advertising has been an old tool in the box for many real estate agents. And it works! Albeit with a substantial investment of time and effort. With these real estate print distribution ideas, you can increase your response rate and get more people interested in your brand.


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