How 5 Tech-Savvy Agents are Using Real Estate Youtube Channels and Why You Should Too

A 2012 Mashable article proclaims, “Through video and other forms of brand content, luxury brands have become media companies and content marketers selling a vision of an exclusive lifestyle attainable only by a select few.” A recent version will substitue “luxury brands” for “brands”. Every brand is now a media company. The hermetic metropolis of TV advertising has been opened up for small brands. Instead of expensive TV ads, retail brands are partnering with influencers and pushing out sponsored video campaigns.



64% of people are likely to make a purchase after watching branded video content.

And Youtube  is where the action is. According to NAR stats, Youtube is the most popular video medium home buyers use to search for listings.


3 Reasons why you should be creating Youtube videos

1. Embedding a Youtube video in a blog post can rank the post higher in search. An interesting yet disputable stat from SearchEnginePeople: Including a video in a post increases organic traffic from search results by 157%. Also, videos are ranked on Google based on other search ranking criteria than written content. Who knows? Your post might not get on Google’s first page but your video might.

2. Youtube has the most viewership of all video content networks. With over 1 billion monthly visitors, Youtube has become the No 2 search engine in the world. Obviously, you can’t reach all one billion users at once. But there is a chance you might reach a large portion of your target market on Youtube.

3. It’s easier to brand yourself as a real estate business and build a following through real estate Youtube channels than on other video networks. The popularity of Youtube and the ability to create your own channel in a way that’s consistent with your overall branding makes Youtube a powerful branding tool.

The popularity of Youtube and the ability to create your own channel in a way that's consistent with your overall branding makes Youtube a powerful branding tool. #realestate #Youtube #marketing Click To Tweet


How 5 Local Realtors/Investors are winning on Youtube


Loida Velasquez YouTube real estate marketing


Loida Velasquez is a real estate agent in Southern California who has accumulated over 2 million views on Youtube with her real estate training videos.

On getting to her Youtube channel, what’s most captivating is her elegant branding. Loida puts her unique mark on everything from her cover image to her ‘about me’ snippet.

A great part of branding is the quality of the videos. And Loida does a great job with this also. Right from the thumbnail, her videos create the right first impression. Clicking through, there is tremendous on-the-job value for new agents.



John Cochran produces videos for real estate investors. His Youtube channel called systems Saturday has generated almost 3 million views. On this channel, famous for the 90-day challenge, he talks about real estate farming strategies and tips.

John Cochran knows how to draw audiences with captivating “click-bait” titles.

However, he backs it up with great value. Invaluable real estate strategies that have been tested over time, broken down into systems that real estate agents and investors can duplicate.



Matt Leighton is a Century 21 agent who has accumulated over 1 million views through his Youtube channel, “Arlington VA Real Estate Neighborhood Tips Condo Secrets”. Essentially this channel is for buyers and sellers. He consistently provides insightful tips for clients looking to buy or sell a home.

Matt is an Arlington realtor and his cover picture displays this. Note that this is a subtle way to qualify leads. He goes a step further by creating Youtube playlists that are focused on his target market. This means that people searching for “Arlington VA” might likely come across his videos. Some of his playlists include Arlington VA Neighborhoods (A sort of neighborhood guide for buyers), Arlington VA Real Estate Tips (Which features buying and selling tips), The Arlington Insider (featuring interviews and discussions about the Arlington real estate market).


Matt Leighton YouTube real estate




Jessica Riffle Edwards is a Coldwell Banker luxury real estate agent who has garnered almost 2 million views as a result of her early adoption of video marketing.  She posts open house videos and short videos about what she’s been up to, describing typical days in the life of a real estate agent.

Jessica proves for a fact that your videos do not have to be perfect to generate engagement. Jessica’s style is more of a friendly conversation, where she talks about her experiences and offers tips to buyers, sellers and real estate agents.

Her channel features a good mix of videos that displays her market authority and also showcases her listings.



Chastin J. Miles has almost a million views on Youtube. He documents real life and honest thoughts on his real estate agent career.

He also employs clickbait titles to great effect.

Importantly, you can feel his passion through his videos which offer great value and motivation to new agents. Like this one:



A major takeaway from these five real estate agents who are leveraging real estate Youtube channels to grow their brands is that they are clearly producing valuable stuff. So if you’re planning to get your footprints on Youtube, you must be ready to create consistent value for your audience.


Practical tips to get you started with Youtube real estate Marketing

  • Create a channel.

Creating a Youtube real estate channel passes the impression that you mean business. It’s not just a one-off thing. But a part of your personal or company brand. As such, you should display the visual aspects of your brand through your channel. Add your headshot, about page and contact info so visitors to your page know more about you. CroatCode, a channel dedicated to Youtube tutorials shows how to create a Youtube Channel in 2018 as a beginner.


  • Be consistent.

Just like creating blog posts and updating web content, make sure you’re consistently producing new video content for your Youtube channel. Essentially, you want to create a video marketing plan (similar to a content marketing plan). This should answer questions like what themes are currently important to our audience? what kind of videos do we create? what promotion methods do we employ? Since this wouldn’t be a one-time thing and it shouldn’t be, you need to have a long term strategy in place. Here are some types of videos you could plan for:

  • Educational videos: Videos that educate buyers and sellers on the details of home transactions can’t go out of vogue. These type of videos will position you as an expert and a go-to real estate agent in your locality. You could also create educational videos for other agents and investors.
  • Listing videos: You periodically want to feature your best listings, emphasizing what makes them great. However, this type of video tends to get the least views because they are outright salesy.
  • Market watch: What’s the state of your real estate market? Are there new opportunities, limitations that buyers or sellers need to know? You can create videos or interviews that enlighten your visitors about current real estate trends in your local market.
  • Neighborhood reviews: Buyers are curious about your neighborhood. You can shed light on those things they are curious about. Review neighborhoods and outline those things visitors or buyers could expect.
  • Successful transactions: This is a form of social proof. Folks want to know about transactions you’ve completed before engaging with you. You want to feature these successful transactions once a while. If possible, you can also interview clients about their experiences working with you.


  • Create high quality.

While you can kick-start videos straight from your laptop’s webcam or phone’s camera, a long term video marketing strategy demands better tools. Cutting-edge quality videos tell on your professionalism and what you can bring to the table.

While you can kick-start videos straight from your laptop's webcam or phone's camera, a long term video marketing strategy demands better tools Click To Tweet

Apart from good equipment, you need to pay attention to image stability, lighting, picture composition, and sound quality. Ensure to record videos in a low ‘noise’ environment with plenty of light. You can invest in a tripod for image stability and a high-end microphone for better sound quality.


  • Check Analytics.

Measure how your videos are doing through Youtube analytics. You should promote videos that are getting more engagement. You can tweak titles and descriptions for videos that are not doing well. When you consistently produce enough videos and keep checking the performance of each, you’ll start seeing patterns that can help you generate better results.

One of the important metrics you need to check is retention rates i.e how long a user stays on your video. For example, when a lot of users are leaving after a min, it means you might be doing a great job with your titles but not with your content or delivery.

When you consistently produce enough videos and keep checking the performance of each, you'll start seeing patterns that can help you generate better results. Click To Tweet

  • Use local keywords.

Creating videos is one thing, but getting found is another. What would separate your video from the mass of youtube videos that do not get seen is the right keyword. So, you want to optimize video descriptions, titles, and tags with high traffic localized keywords. You can also do the same with playlist titles. This means that anyone searching for your keywords on Youtube or Google might come across your video. You’ll find this Youtube Keyword tool really valuable.


  • Brand your channel and videos.
  • Hire a video editor to edit your video, adding your logo and a nice intro and outro.
  • Create a catchy cover image that aligns with your site’s color scheme.
  • Shoot high-quality videos.
  • Upload a catchy about snippet.
  • Use Canva to create attractive Youtube thumbnail images.


  • Add Calls-To-Actions.

Annotate your videos with links to your website. Video can be a great way to drive website traffic. You’d be able to do this by annotating your video with links to relevant pages on your website (probably a landing page).

Sunny Lennarduzzi, entrepreneur and Youtube coach encourages having two CTAs.

“The first call to action comes at the end of the video when you let your audience know that you’ve taught them exactly what they’re looking for with your content and you have a bonus lead magnet, relevant lead magnet, that they can download and grab below the video. Then when they go grab that they get added to your email list.”


“The second step is you need to get engagement on your YouTube content to get it seen by a bigger audience of your target customers. So in order to do that, you have to ask for engagement.”

Ensure to make your CTAs succinct and easily understood.


Video marketing, as with content marketing takes years to generate results. It’s not going to be an overnight success. The more videos you create, the better your chances of reaching more people.

The more videos you create, the better your chances of reaching more people. #youtube #realestate Click To Tweet

Importantly, don’t forget to share your videos on all your social profiles. Also ask friends to share them. Without promoting your real estate videos, you limit their potential to get seen by a larger audience. It might take years but video marketing with real estate Youtube channels will help you build that solid online reputation and market leader status if you stick with it.




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