LinkedIn for Real Estate: A Checklist to Getting High Quality Clients from LinkedIn

When Toyota was moving its central station to Plano, Texas, Jlyne Hanback, a Keller Williams realtor, projected that some of their current employees might be considering a move.

She went on LinkedIn and did a search for Toyota employees in Torrance, California. Then she sent connection requests to all of them, along with some general and real estate information about Plano, Texas. She took the initiative, hoping a few people might be interested in this information. They were. She didn’t need to pitch multiple times or cold call a thousand people. A few of the employees she reached out to replied. She was able to develop solid relationships with these Toyota employees, gained high quality clients and referrals through LinkedIn.

Stats show that 76% of all registered users on LinkedIn have incomes above $50,000, with 44% of these people having incomes over $75,000. This fact explains why LinkedIn boasts a higher conversion rate than Facebook.

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LinkedIn Perks

  • LinkedIn allows you to upload endorsements and reviews which are potent forms of social proof.
  • You can take advantage of peer-to-peer connections. This means you can easily connect with other professionals who probably know someone in your personal network. In this way, you increase your professional network.
  • Folks that engage with you on LinkedIn are more likely to open up their wallets. B2B News network estimates that approximately half of all users on LinkedIn are likely to purchase from a brand they engage with on LinkedIn.


Setting up your real estate brand on LinkedIn

Upload a slick headshot

You can have a laid-back appearance on other social media platforms but you want to be seen as a professional on LinkedIn. You want to have a high-quality headshot of you looking confident.


Work on a compelling Tagline

Your tagline should catch people’s eyes the first time they get to your profile. While it’s easier to go with generic taglines like ‘selling homes since 2009’, profiles with these kinds of taglines may be easily passed over. You want a tagline that sparks curiosity and makes a visitor interested in what you do. Essentially, you need to flaunt your USP here. What is your unique value proposition and why should a potential buyer or seller be interested in you? Here is an example of a LinkedIn profile with a tagline that draws people in.


Design a LinkedIn Banner image that works

Canva has a lot of templates for high-quality LinkedIn banners. You can choose any of these templates and customize to fit.

 Linkedin canva

A professional looking banner image will help you create the right impression and form part of your branding. If you don’t want to fiddle with anything design, you can outsource this to professional designers on Upwork or Fiverr.


Create a Unique Summary

Write a compelling summary that clearly explains what you do, why you’re qualified and what buyers stand to gain by choosing to work with you. Unlike an about page, this should be a third person narrative. But make it short and compelling. Essentially, you’re writing for an audience, not yourself, so try not to dance too much in the “me” and “I” zone. Don’t forget to talk about what you offer to your clients.


Add Qualifications and Achievements

Now it’s time to brag. How long have you been in the industry? Talk about your work experience and qualifications. Note however, your LinkedIn profile is not a resume. Instead of a boring description of duties and work experiences, focus on specific things you have accomplished for clients, for your brokerage and for yourself. That should work better.

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Get Recommendations and Endorsements

LinkedIn hosts about 500 million professional profiles. This presents a great opportunity to increase your network and get social proof. Connect with past clients through LinkedIn and encourage them to write testimonials about your services. You can do this through its recommendations feature.

Apart from recommendations, you should also get endorsements. Endorsements allow your connections to approve skills you’ve selected on your profile. Check out people you know, connect with them and endorse some of their skills, some of them would reciprocate by endorsing yours.


Linked-In Best Practices

1. Reach out to the right audience: LinkedIn makes it much easier to add people who might be real-life connections. You can target people based on interests, geographical location, current company, school, industry. This easy targeting option makes LinkedIn an essential tool for marketers. While a part of the work is done for you, you want to ensure your marketing efforts are directed at this streamlined audience.

2. Optimize your profile and posts for SEO: Since a lot of people are not doing this, it’s easy for your LinkedIn profile to come up in searches when you optimize for a targeted keyword. According to IgniteVisibility, LinkedIn is one of the top 5 networks that Google indexes regularly. You want to optimize your LinkedIn posts for search. But don’t stuff with keywords.

3. Hide the “people also viewed” section: You don’t want visitors checking out your competitors immediately they get to your profile. Hence you should hide the display that lists “people also viewed”. According to Neil Patel, “this keeps the focus on you”. Visit the Privacy and Settings section of your profile to do this.

4. Update your profile regularly: Your LinkedIn profile is your storefront. Hence you have to keep it looking clean and inviting. Are there new reviews, accomplishments, courses, add these to your profile. Keep updating your profile to reflect new achievements and reviews you’ve received.

5. Join Local LinkedIn Real Estate Groups: LinkedIn groups are a great resource for finding networking opportunities and learning more about trends in the industry. You can simply search for a group using a local keyword. When you are approved in any of these groups, ensure you are contributing valuable stuff rather than spamming them with your links.


What types of content should you publish on LinkedIn as a real estate agent?

LinkedIn supports both micro and macro content. You can create short Twitter-like posts from snippets of your blog posts. Or create a full 2,000-4,000 words post through LinkedIn’s inbuilt publisher.

LinkedIn Publisher is one of the innovative features that make LinkedIn different from other networks. A major advantage is that it doesn’t require that you build followership from the ground up. You simply post your content, optimize for search and leverage LinkedIn’s organic traffic.

However, note that content you post on LinkedIn publisher shouldn’t be republished on your site. Since LinkedIn has a higher domain authority, Google may flag your site for plagiarized content. If you don’t want to write a new post for LinkedIn, one great idea is to republish your old, evergreen content on LinkedIn’s publishing platform. This would get you more viewership and possibly, new leads. You could also publish market research videos and infographics here to boost local authority.

One of the issues people have with LinkedIn is the fact that unlike Facebook, LinkedIn users are business minded. They are not interested in a picture of you holding two margaritas by the beach. LinkedIn is more goal-oriented than most other social networks. This makes it a bit difficult to come up with engaging content pieces. So here are some real estate content ideas to help you get traction on LinkedIn:


  • Market information: This is one of the best places to display your knowledge of the market. Presenting your unique take on the state of your local real estate market will not only help you prove expertise but you might also be able to capture local leads. You can create consistent market review posts on your website to give clients an insider look into the local real estate scene. Then publish these through your LinkedIn feed.


  • Recent closings: Your closings prove your credibility and competence. So you want to put these on LinkedIn. Don’t just post the listing address. Add a nice caption summarizing the buyer’s experience or how short it took to sell the home or any other peculiarity. Odds are a potential client looking to sell in your area will view this post. And it will definitely get their attention.


  • Neighborhood information: How well do you know your area? Publish news and events about your neighborhood, attractions and festivals, school information, commuting and other things that potential buyers want to know.


  • New Listings: LinkedIn is a great place to build your local network. This means that most of your connections would likely be first degree connections, that is people whom you’ve engaged with in real life or online. When they share your content with their own connections, you reach more local prospects. So while you don’t want to have your listings displayed all over your feed, you want to make sure some of your new listings are on display.


LinkedIn is a great place to build your local network. This means that most of your connections would likely be first degree connections. When they share your content with their own connections, you reach more local prospects. Click To Tweet

But don’t make it only about you and your content. Take advantage of the LinkedIn share button to share other people’s interesting or entertaining content. Post links to interesting articles, upload gifs, other people’s videos, memes, etc. Leveraging other people’s content is a great way to create filler content while helping these folks get more exposure. It’s a win-win.

You should also add LinkedIn share buttons to your website posts. Make it easy for your readers to share your content with their followers.

Note however that growing your network takes consistency. Don’t expect overnight results with LinkedIn. As you build your credibility and consistently publish informative articles and posts, you gain people’s attention and potentially make valuable connections.



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