You have probably just passed the exam, gotten your license and you’re fired up. You just want to get your hands dirty and start doing stuff. Spurred by the prospects of enormous commission checks and the ability to work on your own terms. So, you startĀ canvassing family and friends for neighborhood print outreaches. After 80 cold calls and no major traction, it’s easy to get discouraged. You need clients. They are out there. It isn’t too much to ask. But it’s happening too slow.

I guess this is how Chastin J. Miles, owner of FoundersRE group felt when he started as a real estate agent. For a year after getting certified, he was getting nowhere. Just one or two listings in a year, with high brokerage costs, leading to a small take-home cut.

Later on, he stumbled by chance upon some ideas, developed a winning mindset. He found out that he could create a personal brand online that’d lift his real estate career and that’s exactly what he did. He adopted Youtube and other inbound marketing strategies. Fast forward to now, Chastin J. Miles is a real estate coach, Youtube real estate influencer and owner of FoundersRE group.

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The obvious truth is: getting new clients demand hustle. And almost everyone is putting in work. So why do some agents get millions of dollars in listings every year while others can’t seem to hold on to one?

Strategy. They have figured out how to direct their hustle with contemporary marketing strategies.

While many real estate agents are still tinkering with the old tactics, real estate agents that can adequately use new digital marketing strategies will gain a huge amount of market share.

Real estate agents that can effectively use new digital marketing strategies will gain a huge amount of market share Click To Tweet

The ugly reality for most new agents entering this world of contractors, experienced negotiators, legal paperwork, desperate buyers and sellers is that there’s too much competition. Getting clients in this intense market isn’t going to be easy.

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On a broader scale, the truth is that the world of marketing has changed and keeps changing with new discoveries and insights. Marketing and technology have intermingled, bringing a wide range of tools into the hands of savvy marketers.

Marketing and technology have intermingled, bringing a wide range of tools into the hands of savvy marketers. Click To Tweet

Enough of outdated marketing tactics, here are 21 strategies that savvy agents employ for top results. This series of articles will cover some tools, ideas and how you can use these to transform your results.


Increase Ad Conversions with Retargeting
Get Personal with Direct Mail Marketing
Convert Leads with Relationship Focused Cold Calling
Answer Questions Online
Automate Real Estate Follow-ups with Email and CRM
Win Local Clients with Geofencing
Get Creative with Real Estate Door Hangers
Build Beneficial Relationships
Build Online Real Estate Presence with Search Engine Marketing
Use Facebook ads
Use Twitter
Create a Facebook Business Page for Real Estate
Reach Out to FSBO Sellers
Collaborate with Influencers and Micro-influencers
Guest Post on a Popular Real Estate Blog
Engage With Millennials on Instagram
Publish Market-specific Information on LinkedIn
Leverage Video Marketing with a Youtube Channel
Take Advantage of Image-focused Marketing With Pinterest
Buy or Generate High-quality Real Estate Leads and Segment your Leads
Create Great Customer Experience

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