The 7 Essential Pinterest Marketing Tips You Should Know as A Real Estate Professional

Pinterest is one social media network that seems odd. It’s different from others like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter. Probably because of its interface, which looks like a very large picture collage. Yet a picture collage that women love.

Nike, the sportswear brand has a remarkable sports-oriented social media presence with Youtube channels like Nike Football, Nike Running, Nike Basketball. But Nike has a predominantly “feminine” presence on Pinterest – it’s more about fitness for women and fashion for women. Displaying gears, apparels and content for women through the Nike Official and Nike Women Pinterest accounts. Because 81% of Pinterest users are women. And these wallet-ready women are visiting Pinterest to see something that would catch their fancy.


It is fascinating that the amount of sales driven by Pinterest is 3.8* higher than an average digital campaign. Yet, even though Pinterest offers so much potential, it’s really easy to get your content lost in the muddle.

The amount of sales driven by Pinterest is 3.8* higher than an average digital campaign #realestate #marketing Click To Tweet

In reality, the competition for people’s attention is fierce on platforms like Pinterest. This means that people who find a way to stand out get loads of Pinterest traffic. So how do you ensure your real estate content is not lost in the Pinterest shuffle? Check the following ideas.


Seven Practical Pinterest tips for Real Estate Professionals

  • Own a business account

When starting out with Pinterest as a real estate agent, a business account allows you to leverage analytics and ad creation tools. You will be able to see how folks in your target demographic engage with your posts. You can monitor engagement rates on your pins and ads.


  •  Use Canva’s tall rectangle Pinterest frames.

Canva is a tool that allows you to design images akin to what graphics experts make. And it doesn’t require that you download tutorials or subscribe to graphic design courses. Canva is built with image templates and dimensions for different social media networks. Most of the smart and colorful Pinterest templates are designed in tall rectangle frames.

  • Have a ‘PIN IT’ plugin on your website.

Install the ‘Pinterest Pin it Button On Image Hover and Post’ plugin if you use WordPress. This plugin displays the Pin It button anytime a visitor to your real estate website hovers over images on a page.


Pin it plugin - Pinterest for real estate

Pinterest is a great tool to drive traffic to your blog. For example, real estate pro, Bill Gassett drove 6,000 visitors to a post on his blog through Pinterest alone. But you need to leverage the right tools. A ‘PIN IT’ button on your images, encourages people to share them, especially when these images are large and well designed.


  • Keep SEO in mind when writing descriptions.

Before pinning an image, you’re required to write a description of the content the image links to. While some people ignore this part, you want to leverage it for visibility. Your real estate pins will be easily found on Pinterest when you add in keywords that people are searching for.

Also, consider using rich pins, an enhanced version of pins allowing you to appear higher in Pinterest search results for specific keywords. Rich pins are usually more effective than regular pins because they allow you to add more details. To apply for rich pins, you have to add specific meta tags to pages of your website. Learn more about setting up Pinterest rich pins here.


  • Join group boards where your prospects are.

Social media is meant to foster interaction. Pinterest group boards give you the chance to meet people where they are. If you provide enough value in your pins, then you start getting noticed (more exposure). These group boards can help drive traffic to your own boards.

Here’s what you want to do: Instead of joining random group boards, join niche focused ones. Who are your target prospects? and which group boards are they likely to join? If I were targeting veterans, for example, I should join a group board for veterans.

If I were marketing to new homeowners, then I could search out group boards on DIY home renovations, kitchen design, etc.

There are also real estate group boards where you can learn tips and tricks of the trade. Here is one of the largest Pinterest real estate group boards


  • Work on your profile. 

As with most other social media business accounts, you’d want to  optimize your Pinterest profile for search. One of the things you’ll need to do is pick the right username. Note that your username should reflect your brand i.e how you want to be seen and your target market or location.

When creating a Pinterest presence, think long term, not just short term. Apart from an optimized username, have an attractive profile picture that shows your face.

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Also, connect your website to your Pinterest account by claiming it. This makes sharing new content from your blog easier. It also means anyone who views your pins anywhere would see your website link.

You can claim your website under settings. You’ll be required to upload an HTML tag to your website’s backend. Do this easily with the Yoast SEO plugin if you use WordPress.



  • Market your listings with high-quality pictures.

You are a real estate agent and folks need to see that. So while you shouldn’t splatter your boards with listing photos, you still have to upload these pictures. Create a separate board for your listings.

Chances are that your listing photos could appear in search results. Do your images possess the capacity to stop users passively browsing through? Put your best foot forward by posting catchy photos of your listings.


Pinterest for real estate professionals


How Pinterest ads work

Pinterest ads are called Promoted Pins. 40% of users on Pinterest have a household income of more than $100k. So it’s possible to gain a number of high quality leads through Pinterest. Pinterest’s advanced analytics also let you see how your promoted pins are performing. Promoted pins run like Facebook ads, where advertisers place bids and then define targeting criteria. To create promoted pins, visit the ads manager.


Pinterest ads

Create your pin

Since you’ll be running an ad, create a pin that’d appeal to the buyer persona you’re targeting. Add this pin to a relevant board. You can also set up Pinterest video ads to create more engagement. See how to create Pinterest video ads.


Set up a campaign

Here you’ll define your audience and your campaign objectives, your budget and what type of ad you want to run.


There are two options. First, you can run search ads where a user searching for your keyword sees your promoted pin at the top of search results. There is also the browse option, where your promoted pins appear in a user’s feed based on their previous interactions and pins.

You can also use Pinterest’s Audience Targeting, similar to Facebook’s custom audience i.e you target users based on an email list you’ve uploaded that finds out people with the same interests as your existing customers or prospects. Pinterest recommends that you take advantage of both search and browse ad placement options.


Select and promote your Pin

Select the pin you want to promote. When creating your ad, you’ll be asked to specify relevant keywords. Try to add one or two of these keywords in your pin’s description beforehand to influence how high you appear in search results.

When creating an ad on Pinterest, you'll be asked to specify relevant keywords. Try to add one or two of these keywords in your pin's description beforehand to influence how high you appear in search results #Pinterest #marketing Click To Tweet

Ensure your promoted pin features a simple call to action. You might have to create a special offer. Probably a link to valuable information on your website or landing page. Make sure your page has a form for sign-ups as you promise to offer specialized market information, free valuations etc…


Track your results

Track your results and modify elements of your ad if your results are not up to par. You can do some sort of A/B testing. So essentially, you want to keep your eyes on Average cost per click and conversions.


Are people clicking through to your content but then leaving your website straightaway? Then your content game is probably lame. Download my Content Strategy Template.

The bottom line: If you’re not leveraging platforms like Pinterest to ace your content marketing, you pass up a great opportunity to build a high-value audience.


Pinterest for real estate professionals

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